The construction supply chain is an emblematic case of the potential benefits and critical points of innovation in favor of the two major drivers of change in our economic and social model: the transition to sustainability and digitalization. The European DISCUS project explores the role of social dialogue and industrial relations in promoting the governance of the transformations introduced by technological innovation in terms of industrialization and digitalisation and the relevant challenges for trade union action in support of a “just transition” in a low-carbon economy. The second transnational workshop will be held at the end of the first year of the project. It will be dedicated in the morning session to a discussion of the results that emerged in the European contexts involved in the project: Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Bulgaria. In the afternoon, the role of social dialogue and industrial relations will be explored considering various sectors involved along the value chains of buildings, through the participation of experts and representatives of the social partners, highlighting the need to strengthen forms of multi-stakeholder governance. Venue: Cgil nazionale, Corso d’Italia, 25, Rome – starting from 9:00 on 23 January 2020.


9:00                             Registration   

9:30-9:45                 Welcome address           Fulvio Fammoni (President of FDV, Italy)  

9:45-10:00              DISCUS Project: aims, objectives and preliminary results  

                                       Serena Rugiero (Project coordinator, FDV, Italy)  

10:00-10:30          Linda Clarke (University of Westminster, UK)  

10:30-11.00           Giuseppe Travaglini (Università degli Studi di Urbino C. Bo)  

11:00 Coffee break  

11:15-12:45      State of play of innovation and digitalization in the construction sector                         

Chair: Daniele Di Nunzio (FDV, Italy)  

·         Tim Harbecke (AT e.V., Germany)

·         Christophe Teissier (ASTREES, France)

·         Frédéric Naedenoen (LENTIC, Belgium)

·         Ina Atanasova (WETCO, Bulgaria)

·         Jesús Cruces (Fundación 1º de Mayo, Spain)

  13:00 Lunch  

14:00-16.00     Round table: Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations in the construction 4.0          

Chair: Mercedes Landolfi  (FILLEA Cgil, Italy)

·         Salvatore Marra (Dipartimento internazionale Cgil)

·         Graziano Gorla (FILLEA Cgil, Italy)

·         Rossella Martino (FORMEDIL, Italy)

·         Francesca Re David (FIOM, Italy)

·         Marco Falcinelli (FILCTEM, Italy)

16:00-16:30             Final remarks   Alessandro Genovesi (FILLEA Cgil, Italy) Interpretation service: English-Italiano



 Download the Agenda (pdf)