Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vittorio


Project coordinator

Founded by the trade union confederation CGIL, is its national institute for historical, social, and economic research, and for trade union education and training. The FDV reaffirms and strengthens the centrality of its activities around the core issues of work and employment, economics and welfare. Based on studies, research and targeted surveys, it aims to develop proposals on the great issues affecting the country, organizing public conferences and seminars to debate and rethink public policies, in collaboration with the other bodies in the Confederation at all sectoral and territorial levels. Very active at the European, is member of the ETUI-TURI network and of many other projects consortiums, in the field of the social and labour studies. Promoter and coordinator itself of several actions, in particular regarding the social dialogue and the industrial relations.

Address: Via G. Donizetti, 7/b – 00198 Rome, Italy

Contact  Serena Rugiero (project manager)


Tel. +39 06 85797 200


LENTIC (University of Liège)

Research Center in New Ways of Working, Innovation and Change


The LENTIC is a research-action centre in HEC-Liège. For many years it has been multiplying its research and involvement with organizations, focused on the processes of change as well as the organizational and human aspects of such processes. The LENTIC has developed internationally recognized expertise. We carry out research projects, and provide advice and support in Belgium and internationally. Our expertise is based on alternating between working with private and public bodies and subsidized research projects. This constant concern to test theory on the ground gives its expertise real added value.

Contact : Frédéric Naedenoen (senior researcher)





Federazione Italiana Lavoratori Legno Edili Industrie Affini


FILLEA CGIL is a trade union that promotes free association and self-protection and solidarity collective of female and male workers of the following sectors and production: building and such like, wood and furniture; materials for construction: cement, lime and plaster, bricks, cement; and stone extraction. It adheres to the CGIL and is a member of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW), which adheres in turn to the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the International Federation of Building and Wood Workers (IFBWW). The trade union is committed to disseminate and extend the collective and individual rights and the representation of female and male employees who work in the mentioned sectors. It operates through bargaining to help improve the workers’ economic conditions and in the welfare system. FILLEA considers the health and safety on everyworkpalce as a priority. It is also
committed to promote the rights of migrant workers.

Contact : Mercedes Landolfi  (trade union officer)






Association Travail Emploi Europe Societe 



ASTREES was founded in 2007. ASTREES is a not for profit organisation (association Loi 1901 –France) affiliating companies, social partners at cross sectoral level, HR consultancies, lawyers, academics and individual experts, working mainly on social dialogue, labour markets and restructuring in France and Europe. ASTREES’s main activities focus on empirical studies, training sessions (especially of employee reps in European Works Councils) and debates (through conferences and temporary or permanent working groups) around the evolutions of work and employment at both French and European level. Since its creation, ASTREES has carried out, as a project leader or as a partner, different European and French study projects on social dialogue, restructuring, labour law and social protection in times of crisis, as well as on occupational health and safety (including work-related stress issues).

As a result, ASTREES is a co founder of the IRENE European network dedicated to restructuring issues ( Since March 2018, ASTREES is also member, jointly with its partner IR SHARE, of the EUROFOUND European network of correspondents for France. Moreover ASTREES is also in charge of coordinating a national and operational programme, named ALIZé (“Action Locale Interentreprises en Zone d’emploi”), dedicated to the economic and social development of French SMEs by fostering the cooperation between the latter and large companies at territorial level : Last but not least, ASTREES has recently been developing some innovative initiatives, ie : together with the French Trade Union Research Institute (IRES), ASTREES launched in 2015 a collaborative network of people and organisations directly interested in the digitalization of the economy (Sharers and Workers network – By substance, as an association of different stakeholders, but also due to the projects it has been developing, ASTREES is directly in touch with a wide range of actors interested or/and directly involved in work, employment and social dialogue issues (public authorities, academics, social partners at different levels, companies, experts and consultants)

Contact : Christophe Teissier (project manager)





Fundacion Cultural Primero De Mayo


Fundación 1 º de Mayo is a private, nonprofit organization, founded in 1988 by the Spanish Trade Union “Confederación Sindical de Comisiones Obreras”. Its main activities are to promote and develop studies, research debate on major social, economic and political issues that affect workers and topics such as: industrial relations; changes in production, technological and scientific labour market; equal opportunities; training; social protection; migration and integration of migrants; environment; and improving the quality of life. Foundation 1º de Mayo is member of different national and international networks, and founding member of the Trade Union related Research Institutes network (TURI).

Contact : Luis De La Fuente (senior researcher)





AT e.V.

Arbeitsforschung und Transfer E.V.


AT e.V. is a not-for-profit association. Its mission is to strengthen scientific research and knowledge transfer in the fields of work, employment, labour market and training. Since its formation it has facilitated the management of several national and international projects of applied research and knowledge transfer in a close cooperation with the University of Duisburg-Essen

Contact : Gernot Mühge (senior researcher)






Workers Education and Training College


WETCO was established on 24 April 2003 as a Trade Union Education and Training institution within Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria –CITUB, in order to meet adequate the challenges caused by dynamic social-economic reforms, which reflect on industrial relations in national, European and international context.
The purpose of WETCO is to offer the expert team, the present and potential trade union members and citizens the following services: in time information and consultation, opportunities to acquire systematic and advanced knowledge, qualifications and skills to increase their competitiveness. In order to enlarge the influence of the modern industrial relations among the civil society, the College offers Trade Union training, Vocational Education and Training and Adult Training, including Workplace Training. WETCO has proven expertise in elaboration of TU subjects and VET curricula and methodologies, Key competences Training,Training of Trainers, Career Guidance and Counselling, European and National project Management.

Contact : Yuliya Simeonova (executive director)





Associate Organisations

The Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV)

The Netherlands

The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW)


Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (CGIL)